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ritikbanger avatar ritikbanger commented on July 17, 2024 3

Please close the issue, if the problem is solved. @arunkumar413

from react.

arunkumar413 avatar arunkumar413 commented on July 17, 2024 2

Thanks all for the answers. The spread operator will suffice my requirement.

from react.

Hudsxn avatar Hudsxn commented on July 17, 2024 1

Yeah, this is simple enough to do with a spread operator. You can prepare your props dynamically before and use the ... operator:

const inputAttributes = {
    type: 'text',
    name: 'firstName'
return <input {...inputAttributes}/>;

from react.

Hudsxn avatar Hudsxn commented on July 17, 2024 1

No problem :)

A good understanding of JavaScript takes time. For extra information, you can use the spread operator on both object and arrays, as such:

const mainObject = {
    hello: true
const secondObject = {
    world: false
console.log(secondObject) // outputs { hello: true, world: false }

And with arrays

const arrayOne = [1,2,3];
const arrayTwo = [...arrayOne, 4,5,6];

console.log(arrayTwo); // outputs [1,2,3,4,5,6]

from react.

ritikbanger avatar ritikbanger commented on July 17, 2024

Could you please list the benefits out for doing so? The input tag is a native HTML tag. If you want, you can still create a parent component that may take a single object prop and then you pass them to the underlying input tag.

from react.

prashanth-cn avatar prashanth-cn commented on July 17, 2024

we can spread the props as well

from react.

pwbriggs avatar pwbriggs commented on July 17, 2024

Elaborating on @prashanth-cn's comment and the React docs, this is already possible using JavaScript's spread syntax. Instead of the normal <Element key={value} /> syntax, you can spread an object inside a pair of curly braces.

So this code:

function App() {
  return <Greeter salutation="hello" name="world" />

is equivalent to

function App() {
  const config = {salutation: "hello", name: "world"}
  return <Greeter {...config} />

from react.

pwbriggs avatar pwbriggs commented on July 17, 2024

Sorry, I didn't see @Hudsxn's reply.

from react.

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