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360-capture-sdk icon 360-capture-sdk

A developer focused sample SDK that allows game and virtual Reality devs to be able to easily and quickly integrate 360 photo/video capture capability into their game apps.

aicamera icon aicamera

Demonstration of using Caffe2 inside an Android application.

airlift icon airlift

Airlift framework for building REST services

android-friend-smash icon android-friend-smash

Built natively in Eclipse, using Java, Friend Smash for Android integrates the Facebook SDK for Android to provide easy login, increased engagement and improved organic distribution. Learn how to build Facebook into an Android app from the ground up.

anydevice icon anydevice

An Internet of Things (IoT) sample application built on Parse

atomicfile icon atomicfile

Package atomicfile provides an atomically written/replaced file.

atosl icon atosl

A partial replacement for Apple's atos tool for converting addresses within a binary file to symbols.

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