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.github icon .github

Default Community health files for Facebook projects

airlift icon airlift

Airlift framework for building REST services

allocative icon allocative

Library and proc macro to analyze memory usage of data structures in rust.

chromium icon chromium

The official GitHub mirror of the Chromium source

extendedandroidtools icon extendedandroidtools

Extended Android Tools is a place to host and maintain a build environment and makefiles cross compiling Linux tools we all love for Android.

fnob icon fnob

Open source Fnob (Command-line Dynamic Random Generator) package;

hermit icon hermit

Hermit launches linux x86_64 programs in a special, hermetically isolated sandbox to control their execution. Hermit translates normal, nondeterministic behavior, into deterministic, repeatable behavior. This can be used for various applications, including replay-debugging, reproducible artifacts, chaos mode concurrency testing and bug analysis.

iot-session-manager icon iot-session-manager

The IoT Session Manager is an application that provides a reliable and scalable device to device messaging network with simple setup. The system is deployable locally on a machine or on a cloud server and provides extensible methods for device authentication and control automation.

kperf icon kperf

TCP and TLS performance testing tool.

mirai icon mirai

Rust mid-level IR Abstract Interpreter

object-introspection icon object-introspection

Object Introspection (OI) enables on-demand, hierarchical profiling of objects in arbitrary C/C++ programs with no recompilation.

propellint icon propellint

A tool joining profile information with static analysis.

protoquant icon protoquant

Prototype routines for GPU quantization written using PyTorch.

r8 icon r8

Customized version of the D8 dexer and R8 shrinker

recoil icon recoil

Recoil is an experimental state management library for React apps. It provides several capabilities that are difficult to achieve with React alone, while being compatible with the newest features of React.

resctl-demo icon resctl-demo

Demonstrate and benchmark various features of Linux resource control in a self-contained package.

reverie icon reverie

An ergonomic and safe syscall interception framework for Linux.

rmdkernel icon rmdkernel

This is a very simple fork of https// to provide an rmarkdown (rather than R) jupyter kernel.

robyn icon robyn

Robyn is an experimental, automated and open-sourced Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) package from Facebook Marketing Science. It uses various machine learning techniques (Ridge regression, multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for hyperparameter optimisation, gradient-based optimisation for budget allocation etc.) to define media channel efficiency and effectivity, explore adstock rates and saturation curves. It's built for granular datasets with many independent variables and therefore especially suitable for digital and direct response advertisers with rich dataset.

rust-shed icon rust-shed

Repository containing Rust crates common between other Facebook open source projects (like Mononoke or Eden).

simmmulator icon simmmulator

siMMMulator is an open source R-package that helps users to generate simulated data to plug into Marketing Mix Models (MMMs). The package features a variety of functions to help users build a data set from scratch.

skybison icon skybison

Instagram's experimental performance oriented greenfield implementation of Python.

tvm icon tvm

Open deep learning compiler stack for cpu, gpu and specialized accelerators

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