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Philippe Rivière's Projects

algeria-cities icon algeria-cities

Une liste de toutes les communes de l'Algérie par wilaya sous différents formats (csv, xlsx, sql, php and json).

attitude icon attitude

Attitude: orientation of an object in space.

base58php icon base58php

Base58 Encoding and Decoding Library for PHP

bertin icon bertin

A package to draw maps in javascript

blockbuilder icon blockbuilder

Create, fork and edit d3.js code snippets for use with right in the browser, no terminal required.

blocks-1 icon blocks-1

A set of files to use as input for Blocks.

cli-html-smoosher icon cli-html-smoosher

NodeJs CLI tool - outputs a webpage on stdout, with style and scripts inlined (eventually minified)

countries icon countries

World countries in JSON, CSV and XML. Any help is welcome!

csvkit icon csvkit

A suite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats.

d3-force icon d3-force

Force-directed graph layout using velocity Verlet integration.

d3-force-limit icon d3-force-limit

A positioning hard limit force type for the d3-force simulation engine

d3-geo icon d3-geo

Geographic projections, spherical shapes and spherical trigonometry.

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