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Nikos M.'s Projects

abacus icon abacus

Advanced Combinatorics and Algebraic Number Theory Symbolic Computation library for JavaScript, Python

ace-grammar icon ace-grammar

Transform a JSON grammar into a syntax-highlight parser for ACE Editor

advanced-search icon advanced-search

transform any search box / search term query into an advanced multi-field search with custom search operators (PHP, Node/XPCOM/JS, Python)

ajaxlistener.js icon ajaxlistener.js

Listen to any AJAX event on page with JavaScript, even by other scripts

algorhythm icon algorhythm

Compose music with algorithms, in your web browser.

annyang icon annyang

:speech_balloon: Speech recognition for your site.

area-select.js icon area-select.js

A simple JavaScript class to select rectangular regions in DOM elements (image, canvas, video, etc..)

area-sortable.js icon area-sortable.js

Simple and light-weight JavaScript class for handling smooth drag-and-drop sortable items of an area (Desktop and Mobile).

args icon args

A PHP 5.2 compatible arguments handling library.

asynchronous.js icon asynchronous.js

Simple manager for asynchronous, linear, parallel, sequential and interleaved tasks for Node/XPCOM/JS

audio-grid icon audio-grid

A javascript port of the great Tone Matrix tool by Andre Michelle

autocomplete icon autocomplete

An extremely lightweight and powerful vanilla JavaScript completion suggester.

autograd icon autograd

Efficiently computes derivatives of numpy code.

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