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custom-renderer's Introduction

Custom Renderer

An example custom renderer that extends the core renderer.

Getting Started

To get started, simply fork this repo, and then modify the index.js file to contain the overrides for your custom renderer.

Extending Components

To extend components, you will simply extend the class and then override the methods you wish to override.

import TextFieldComponent from 'formiojs/components/textfield/TextField';
export default class CustomTextFieldComponent extends TextFieldComponent {
  // Override the createLabel method.
  createLabel(container) {
    this.addClass(this.labelElement, 'text-success');

This component can now be included in the renderer by overriding the component in the component registry.

// Register all the components which will use the new BaseComponent provided above.
import AllComponents from 'formiojs/components';

// Use our extended textfield component.
import CustomTextFieldComponent from './components/TextField';
AllComponents.textfield = CustomTextFieldComponent;

import Components from 'formiojs/components/Components';

Overriding the BaseComponent

To override the base component, you can create a new BaseComponent file, and then use the following pattern to override certain methods within the BaseComponent.


import BaseComponent from 'formiojs/components/base/Base';

// Copy the BaseComponent show method.
const baseShow =;

 * Override the BaseComponent show method to introduce a new option called "hideComponents" which
 * will always hide the components that are within this map, like this.
 *   {
 *     hideComponents: {
 *       firstName: true,
 *       lastName: true,
 *       email: true
 *     }
 *   }
 * @param show
 * @return {*}
 */ = function(show) {
  if (
    this.options.hideComponents &&
  ) {
    return, false);
  return, show);

// Export the new BaseComponent.
export default BaseComponent;

This will then be included in the index.js at the very beginning like so.

import BaseComponent from './components/Base';

Please see the index.js included in the source for an example of this.


To build this renderer simply execute the following commands.

npm install
npm run build

This will create a new dist/formio.custom.min.js file that you can then use as a custom form renderer instead of the typical formio.full.min.js. Please see example.html for an example of how this works.

custom-renderer's People


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custom-renderer's Issues



i'm building a Vue form app based on Vue-formio and structured similar to React Formio App.
I'm trying to customize the renderer and hitting a few issues.


Please provide as many details as you can:

  • Hosting type
    • []
    • Local deployment
      • Version:
        version: "6.7.2",
        schema: "3.3.3"
  • Formio.js version: 3.27.3
  • Frontend framework: Vuejs
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Browser version: Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Steps to Reproduce


import BaseComponent from 'formiojs/components/base/Base';

const baseCreateElement = BaseComponent.prototype.createElement;
BaseComponent.prototype.createElement = function createElement() {
    if (this.element) {
      //update class for case when Logic changed container class (customClass)
      this.element.className = this.className;
      return this.element;
    this.element = this.ce('div', {
      class: this.className,
      style: this.customStyle
    // Ensure you can get the component info from the element.
    this.element.component = this;
    this.hook('element', this.element);
    return this.element;

export default BaseComponent;


import TextFieldComponent from 'formiojs/components/textfield/TextField';
export class NewTextFieldComponent extends TextFieldComponent {
  // Override the createLabel method.
  createLabel(container) {
    this.addClass(this.labelElement, 'ott-text-field');

Form.ts (based on vue-formio)

import BaseComponent from '../NewRenderer/newBase.js';

// Register all the components which will use the new BaseComponent provided above.
import AllComponents from 'formiojs/components';
import NewTextFieldComponent from '../NewRenderer/newTextField.js'
// Use our extended textfield component.
AllComponents.textfield = NewTextFieldComponent;

import Components from 'formiojs/components/Components';

Expected behavior

1.If the changes in BaseComponent is applied there should be console.log prints
2.The rendered textfield should have class ott-text-field added

Observed behavior

2 works, the new textfield component was updated.
1 doesn't seem to affect the base component at all


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