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deploy's Introduction

Deployment strategies for Enterprise platform

This repo contains all of the deployment strategies for the Enterprise Platform. These deployments contain the following strategies.

  • Docker Compose
  • Terraform (coming soon)
  • Kubernetes (coming soon)


To install this library, you can type the following in your terminal.

npm install -g @formio/deploy


You can now use this CLI to create deployment packages.

formio-deploy package --license=YOURLICENSE

This will then create a series of deployments within a "deployments" folder that you can use to deploy Enterprise within your environment.


The following commands are supported.


Create new deployment packages provided certain arguments.

โžœ  ~ formio-deploy package --help
Usage: formio-deploy package|p [options] [path]

Create a new deployment package.

  --license [LICENSE_KEY]  Your deployment license.
  --server [server]        The Enterprise Server Docker repo
  --version [version]      The Enterprise Server version.
  --pdf-version [version]  The PDF Server version.
  --sub-version [version]  The Submission Server version.
  --db-secret [secret]     The Database Secret.
  --jwt-secret [secret]    The JWT Token Secret
  --admin-email [email]    The default root admin email address
  --admin-pass [password]  The default root admin password
  --ssl-cert [cert]        File path to the SSL Certificate for the deployment to enable SSL.
  --ssl-key [key]          File path to the SSL Certificate Key for the deployment to enable SSL.
  -h, --help               display help for command

The following will create a new multi-container deployment package for AWS, with version 7.3.0 Server Version and 3.3.1 PDF Server Version.

formio-deploy package compose/aws/ --license=YOURLICENSE --version=7.3.0 --pdf-version=3.3.1

Once this is done, it will generate a new ZIP file within the deployments folder for compose/aws/ as well as place the deployment in the deployments/current folder. You can now use the ZIP file to deploy to AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Local Example

You can also use this command to create a local deployment on your local machine by first typing the following.

formio-deploy package compose/ --license=YOURLICENSE --version=7.3.0 --pdf-version=3.3.1

and then type the following to run.

docker-compose -f ~/deployments/current/docker-compose.yml up

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