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docker-compose's Introduction

This repository is now considered legacy and no longer supported. It has been replaced by the repository.

Please take a look at our recent repositories and help documentation at the following links. Enterprise Local Docker Compose

This library shows how to run the Enterprise solution within your own Local environment.


You must have Docker installed and running before you can use this library.

  • Download this repo and unzip the contents into a folder.
  • Within the folder, you will need to edit the .env file and change the following line.

You will need to make sure you change this to be your license.


Once you have the correct parameters within the .env file, you can run this library using the following command.

docker-compose up --detach

This will start the platform, where you can then go to the following URL's in your browser:

The default admin login is as follows.


Once you have a project, you can configure the PDF server by navigating to the Project Settings, and then change the PDF Server URL configuration to the following.


docker-compose's People


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