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Gabriel Miranda's Projects

asdf-calc icon asdf-calc

fun little terminal calculator program in Rust

categorizador icon categorizador

Um categorizador bem mal otimizado para produtos de marketplace.

fdbg icon fdbg

An npm package for easier "console.logs" that are still traceable

intricate icon intricate

A gpu accelerated neural network Rust crate.

mat-rel icon mat-rel

A project for writing idependent mathematics articles using Latex.

open-assistant icon open-assistant

OpenAssistant is a chat-based assistant that understands tasks, can interact with third-party systems, and retrieve information dynamically to do so.

partitions icon partitions

Partitions - Uma animação sobre as partições em 2 e 3 números de um número.

pendulo-2d icon pendulo-2d

um simulador de multiplos pendulos, um na ponta do outro, com uma gravidade específica e velocidade específica

simple icon simple

The simplest Rust graphics library, inspired by LOVE2D.

typescript-vs-rust icon typescript-vs-rust

A simple repository with only a README that compares how to do a PasswordManager both in Rust and TypeScript

typist-term icon typist-term

Um pequeno programa feito em Rust para teste de digitação pelo terminal.

user-manager icon user-manager

This is a skills and qualifications showcase project to showcase my Python and React skills.

vincenzo icon vincenzo

A BitTorrent client with vim-like keybindings and a terminal based UI.

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