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Anna Allen's Projects

acvp icon acvp

Industry Working Group on Automated Cryptographic Algorithm Validation

afl icon afl

american fuzzy lop - a security-oriented fuzzer

alexandria icon alexandria

Powerful, fast bookmark and web history management & archival

ao icon ao

Helpful utilities for files, todos, and more

arduino icon arduino

A set of Arduino tests and experiments.

ascii-physics-sim icon ascii-physics-sim

A physics simulation written in Python that can render to ASCII characters in the console or a separate canvas.

attractors icon attractors

Python toolkit for defining+simulating+visualizing+analyzing attractors, dynamical systems, iterated function systems, roulette curves, and more

blender icon blender

Scripts and add-ons for the Blender 3D Python interface.

board icon board

Generic tools for studying combinatorial games

boardgame icon boardgame

Framework for describing and simulating board games and other abstract strategy games

bookmarklets icon bookmarklets

JavaScript bookmarklets that can be used to execute commands on web pages.

borg icon borg

Deduplicating archiver with compression and authenticated encryption.

bug-tracker icon bug-tracker

A semi-accurate simulation of what it's like trying to fix bugs.

byzantine icon byzantine

An extremely open open-world sandbox exploration/conquest/survival/building game in very early development.

c2s icon c2s

Experimental C-like programming language without the agony

ca2 icon ca2

Fast cellular automata simulations

caesium icon caesium

General-purpose AI library with NEAT-style genetic algorithm.

chart.js icon chart.js

Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag

chroma icon chroma

Chroma Build System & Package Manager for C and C++

circle-counter icon circle-counter

A simple TensorFlow.js project to count randomly generated circles

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