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George Goldberg's Projects

amazon-redshift-utils icon amazon-redshift-utils

Amazon Redshift Utils contains utilities, scripts and view which are useful in a Redshift environment

atx-breakout icon atx-breakout

PCB Layout for an ATX Power Supply to Molex Connector Breakout Board.

cintranet icon cintranet

Imperial Cinema internal staff website (and Point of Sale system)

countly-sdk-ios icon countly-sdk-ios

Countly Product Analytics iOS SDK with macOS, watchOS and tvOS support.

darwin-db icon darwin-db

A python 3.4+ program for storing Darwin messages to a PostgresSQL database.

darwin-gateway icon darwin-gateway

Subscribes to the Darwin Push Port, converts all messages to JSON and rebroadcasts them to another Message Queue Server.

delay-explorer-aggregator icon delay-explorer-aggregator

A python 3.4+ script for generating Delay Explorer aggregate statistics from the data in a darwin-db PostgreSQL database.

eagle-parts icon eagle-parts

My personal collection of Eagle CAD parts that I've made for various projects.

hyde icon hyde

Port of Mdo's excellent theme to Hugo

ijson icon ijson

Iterative JSON parser with Pythonic interface

jackson-module-kotlin icon jackson-module-kotlin

Module that adds support for serialization/deserialization of Kotlin ( classes and data classes.

kson icon kson

A simple, highly opinionated, entirely unoptimised JSON decoder for Kotlin.

matterdroid icon matterdroid

[DEPRECATED] A native Mattermost client for Android.

mattermost icon mattermost

Open source Slack-alternative in Golang and React - Mattermost

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