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Markus Gritsch's Projects

adt-maven-plugin icon adt-maven-plugin

Adobe AIR SDK adt tool runner. Build air, apk and ipa packages with your maven!

apm icon apm

Atom Package Manager

best-queue icon best-queue

Control async tasks in a queue---使用队列管理异步任务

fresnel icon fresnel

An SSR compatible approach to CSS media query based responsive layouts for React.

grunt-react icon grunt-react

Grunt task for compiling Facebook React's .jsx templates into .js

hawtio icon hawtio

the web console helps you manage your JVM stuff and stay cool!

jclouds icon jclouds

jclouds is an open source library that helps you get started in the cloud and reuse your java development skills. Our api allows you to freedom to use portable abstractions or cloud-specific features. We support many clouds including Amazon, VMWare, Azure, and Rackspace.

keo icon keo

Plain functions for a more functional Deku approach to creating stateless React components, with functional goodies such as compose, memoize, etc... for free.

kitematic icon kitematic

Visual Docker Container Management on Mac & Windows

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