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About me

I'm a young software engineer. Develop high-load services in Golang. Analysis and optimizing code.



  • Eclipse - Multipurpose Discord bot written in JavaScript and discord.js
  • Knight - Chess social network
    • knight - Backend written in Kotlin and Ktor
    • knight-nest - Rewritten backend in TypeScript and Nest.js
    • knight-ui - Frontend written in JavaScript and Svelte by MineEjo
  • Module - Multipurpose Discord bot written in Java and JDA
    • Module-Web - Frontend written in Vue.js and Vuetify
  • HCWeb - Blog with account management and admin panel written in Java and Spring
    • HCWeb.NET - Rewritten HCWeb blog in C# and ASP.NET


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Danil Chernyshov's Projects

developer-roadmap icon developer-roadmap

Interactive roadmaps, guides and other educational content to help developers grow in their careers.

go-gin-boilerplate icon go-gin-boilerplate

A starter project with Golang, Gin, JWT authentication, Swagger, PostgreSQL and Redis

hcweb icon hcweb

A simple blog with authorization, registration, account management and admin panel.

knight icon knight

Deprecated backend for chess social network Knight (replaced by knight-nest)

libuv icon libuv

Cross-platform asynchronous I/O

module icon module

Multipurpose Discord bot for your server!

refbound icon refbound

A simple link shortener written in Kotlin and Ktor with database SQLite

reiodart icon reiodart

Reio is a progressive Dart framework for creating UI on the web. Uses HTML, CSS and Dart, which is compiled into efficient JavaScript code.

screentask icon screentask

(📢 New Version Released) Screen sharing made easy! Share your screen across local devices without internet.

wintheme icon wintheme

Simple utility to changing system theme in not activated Windows.

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