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Lim Heo's Projects

alphaflow icon alphaflow

AlphaFold Meets Flow Matching for Generating Protein Ensembles

cg2all icon cg2all

Convert coarse-grained protein structure to all-atom model

colabdesign icon colabdesign

Making Protein Design accessible to all via Google Colab!

deepmind-research icon deepmind-research

This repository contains implementations and illustrative code to accompany DeepMind publications

esm icon esm

Evolutionary Scale Modeling (esm): Pretrained language models for proteins

h-remd icon h-remd

Hamiltonian and Temperature Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics simulation using OpenMM

mdtraj icon mdtraj

An open library for the analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories

nequip icon nequip

NequIP is a code for building E(3)-equivariant interatomic potentials

openfold icon openfold

Trainable PyTorch reproduction of AlphaFold 2

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