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ifel's Projects

ark icon ark

Development repository for Opscode Cookbook ark

git icon git

Development repository for Opscode Cookbook git

go-alexa icon go-alexa

A collection of Amazon Echo / Alexa tools for Go development.

go2chef icon go2chef

A Golang tool to bootstrap a system from zero so that it's able to run Chef to be managed

grocery-delivery icon grocery-delivery

The Grocery Delivery utility for managing cookbook uploads to distributed Chef backends.

jenkins icon jenkins

Development repository for Jenkins cookbook

libsolv icon libsolv

Library for solving packages and reading repositories

lol_dht22 icon lol_dht22

A Raspberry Pi DHT22/AM2302 polling application

maven icon maven

Development repository for Opscode Cookbook maven

nordvpn icon nordvpn

Ansible role to manage nordvpn connection

pcicrawler icon pcicrawler

pcicrawler is a Python based command line interface tool which can be used to display, filter and export information about PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) or PCIe buses and devices, as well as PCI topology.

sig-core-livemedia icon sig-core-livemedia

Scripts, Docs and Kickstarts used to build the CentOS LiveCD/DVD and other live media

sugarjar icon sugarjar

A helper utility for a better git/github experience.

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