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Hello there

Experienced Android Developer | Computer Science Graduate

With 4 years of industry experience, I have honed my skills as an Android developer since 2020, actively collaborating across diverse product areas including scrum, refinement, and UI/UX design. Currently positioned as a Android Developer at Convo, I thrive in environments that challenge me and provide opportunities for growth and innovation.

Professional Experience:

Core Values:

  • Challenging Projects: I seek roles that push the boundaries of my technical and creative abilities.
  • Team Dynamics: Valuing great teammates and a company with strong core values.
  • Growth and Development: I am driven by opportunities for career advancement, structured feedback, and clear goal setting.
  • Customer Focus: Dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining high standards of quality assurance.

Current Learning Focus:

  • Jetpack Compose
  • Flutter

Technical Proficiencies:

Primary Languages:

  • Android: Kotlin, Java

Additional Languages:

  • Python, Swift, HTML, CSS, C/C++

Architectural Expertise:


Android Libraries & Tools:

  • Kotlin, Java, Compose, Flutter, Design Patterns, Clean Architecture (MVVM), Jetpack Navigation Components, Payment Gateways (Google IAP, Easy Paisa, Subscriptions), Dependency Injection (Hilt), GitHub, Animations, Data Caching (Network Bound Resources), Firebase, One Signal push notifications, Material Design Guidelines (MDC), Json, Third-Party Libraries, Elastic Search, Rest API, In-App Messaging (Firebase, One Signal), Remote Configuration, Retrofit, Gson, Okhttp Interceptors, Android Studio IDE, Sublime, VS-Code, Linux (Ubuntu, Kali), Jira, Slack, Google Meet, Convo

Python Libraries & Tools:

  • NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, SciPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Keras, TensorFlow, Google Colab



  • I am the the super debutant in current organization because of my contribution to the project with in assigned time frame.
  • I gained valuable insights into app design principles and techniques, learning from industry experts on crafting user-centric experiences. Hands-on activities like creating clickable prototypes enhanced my understanding and empowered me to develop my own app with confidence.
  • The course provided insights into mobile technology's growth and advantages, introducing design concepts and development approaches. It outlined seven key principles for effective app design and explained the Internet of Things (IoT) and its implications.
  • I was the runner-up in a programming contest at UET-Peshawar, completing a task within a set time frame. The contest evaluated different sections, such as UI, architecture, standard syntax, and programming practices, with corresponding points.
  • The government initiated Android app development workshops in institutes lasted 2-4 months, emphasizing practical programming best practices.



How to reach me 📱

Known on internet as Numansfolio

Numan Ali's Projects

aire icon aire

Fast&Simple image processing in android

all-in-one-social-media-android icon all-in-one-social-media-android

ALL IN ONE android native app is a very useful app for all worldwide users. It will save your time, battery, space and ram of mobile. If you will use all in one social media app then you don’t need to install all separates app in your mobile.

android-card-form icon android-card-form

A ready-made card form layout that can be included in your Android app, making it easy to accept credit and debit cards.

android-web-scraper icon android-web-scraper

Android Web Scraper is a simple library for android web automation. You can perform web task in background to fetch website data programmatically.

api-request icon api-request

Android app that makes HTTP requests with Ktor and Retrofit. Built with Jetpack Compose and Material 3.

appagent icon appagent

AppAgent: Multimodal Agents as Smartphone Users, an LLM-based multimodal agent framework designed to operate smartphone apps.

ar-object-detection icon ar-object-detection

I built this app using Mlkit along with the TensorFlow Lite model for object detection, Arcore is used to place anchors to the detected objects. It's a good blend of Machine learning and Augmented reality to visualise ML information in a much better way than regular bounding boxes

arcoresample icon arcoresample

ARCore Android Application Sample implemented Sceneform and face augmented

askai icon askai

AskAI provides an approachable, native experience for interfacing with ChatGPT and DALL·E, and saving responses for later.

assigmenthub icon assigmenthub

📋 Android app to manage assignments for teachers in college.

atmostate icon atmostate

Android weather app using Hilt, Coroutines, Retrofit, Jetpack (Compose, Room, ViewModel) based on MVVM architecture

blackdex icon blackdex

BlackDex is an Android unpack(dexdump) tool, it supports Android 5.0~12 and need not rely to any environment. BlackDex can run on any Android mobile phone or emulator, you can unpack APK File in several seconds.

blurhashext icon blurhashext

Kotlin extensions of BlurHash for ImageView, Glide, Coil, Piccasso, and fast loading BlurHashDrawable optimized for Android.

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