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Imanol Perez Iriarte | @ipereziriarte

Hi 👋, I'm Imanol Perez Iriarte

A product savvy Engineering Manager


  • 🌱 I’m currently learning ComposeUI

  • 💬 Ask me about Android and Agile

  • 📫 How to reach me [email protected]

Connect with me:

ipereziriarte ipereziriarte 1444943 imanol #8377

Languages and Tools:

android circleci dart figma firebase flutter git grafana heroku java javascript jenkins kotlin matlab nextjs php python selenium sketch sqlite symfony travisci typescript zapier




Imanol Pérez Iriarte's Projects

ahbottomnavigation icon ahbottomnavigation

A library to reproduce the behavior of the Bottom Navigation guidelines from Material Design.

algoritmia icon algoritmia

A variety of general programing problems solved in different languages

bones icon bones

bones based theme for wordpress

dawn icon dawn

A minimal newsletter theme for Ghost

dotfiles icon dotfiles

Development configuration files for Startup Engineering MOOC. Intended to be forked and customized by students.

dotfiles-1 icon dotfiles-1

.files, including ~/.osx — sensible hacker defaults for OS X

effectiveandroidui icon effectiveandroidui

Sample project created to show some of the best Android practices to work in the Android UI Layer. The UI layer of this project has been implemented using MVP or MVVM (without binding engine) to show how this patterns works. This project is used during the talk "EffectiveAndroidUI".

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