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Dibesh Raj Subedi's Projects

android-basics icon android-basics

Basic android project in completion of Level 6 at ISMT - Android Mobile Development (University of Sunderland)

calculator icon calculator

A Quest to make a multi-platform calculator app using JS.

cvzone icon cvzone

This is a Computer vision package that makes its easy to run Image processing and AI functions. At the core it uses OpenCV and Mediapipe libraries.

funclick icon funclick

Android Click Game, A Quest of Android App Development

imageserver icon imageserver

A Complete Image Server Web App in partial fulfillment of level six at Ismt College under Advanced Cyber Security Course CET324, University of Sunderland. 🏫🎓

inventory_management icon inventory_management

4th Semester Application Development Assignment. Implementing Inventory Management System.

jam icon jam

A simple JavaScript API maker using MySql and express server.

journeyjournal icon journeyjournal

A Complete Journey Tracking Android Application in partial fulfillment of level six at Ismt College under Android Mobile Development Course CET343, University of Sunderland. 🏫🎓

learngolang icon learngolang

This is my journey for get going in Golang. I will be sharing my findings, experience and learnings while I'm learning

mybooks icon mybooks

A simple books app to learn NextJS SSR and SSG along with ReactQuery and response validation via ZOD

pycaw icon pycaw

Python Core Audio Windows Library

techan.js icon techan.js

A visual, technical analysis and charting (Candlestick, OHLC, indicators) library built on D3.

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