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Jack Weeden's Projects

capybara icon capybara

Acceptance test framework for web applications

crumbl icon crumbl

Command line tool for reading and writing encoded or encrypted Rails sessions

expo icon expo

An open-source platform for making universal native apps with React. Expo runs on Android, iOS, and the web.

expo-cli icon expo-cli

Tools for creating, running, and deploying universal Expo and React Native apps

gitlabhq icon gitlabhq

Project management and code hosting application. Follow us on twitter @gitlabhq

mdash icon mdash

mdash is a lightweight Chrome extension which aims to replace the 'New Tab' page with a clean dashboard linked with your bookmarks.

oystermate icon oystermate

Android application for viewing London OysterCard details

remix icon remix

Build Better Websites. Create modern, resilient user experiences with web fundamentals.

restyle icon restyle

A type-enforced system for building UI components in React Native with TypeScript.

safe_yaml icon safe_yaml

Parse YAML safely, without that pesky arbitrary object deserialization vulnerability

shuttle icon shuttle

A simple SSH shortcut menu for OS X

sms-spec icon sms-spec

A Ruby library for testing SMS Messages using RSpec and Cucumber.

twoup icon twoup

A "two-up" web browser to test responsive designs

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