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James Wenzel's Projects

BaseAPI photo BaseAPI

A Python 2+3 base class to easily implement a Python wrapper for a RESTful HTTP API with support for caching, built on top of Requests

Cable photo Cable

A fretted instrument chord generator written in Python

cassetter photo cassetter

Cassetter is a MIDI controlled granular sampler

color-filter photo color-filter

:notes: Experiment in subtractive synthesis using color for Spotify's Monthly Music Hackathon 7/16

cooldata photo cooldata

❄️ Cool data sources I may or may not end up doing stuff with

d3-geo photo d3-geo

Geographic projections, spherical shapes and spherical trigonometry.

dapp-template photo dapp-template

A simple minimal structure for a DApp built with Ethers, Hardhat, Mocha and NextJS

dotfiles photo dotfiles

🔴 A few of the ways I customize my dev environment.

Drake-Hate photo Drake-Hate

:pray: Twitter bot that only retweets Drake Hate.

ethier photo ethier

Golang and Solidity SDK to make Ethereum development ethier

foundry photo foundry

Foundry is a blazing fast, portable and modular toolkit for Ethereum application development written in Rust.

Fractal-Midi photo Fractal-Midi

Script to generate a fractal midi pattern from an input midi pattern

gradual-dutch-auction photo gradual-dutch-auction

An reference implementation of Gradual Dutch Auctions. GDAs enable the efficient sale of assets that do not have liquid markets.

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