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:book:「一个」、「Time 时光」、「开眼」、「一席」、「梨视频」、「微软必应词典」、「金山词典」、「豆瓣电影」、「**天气」、「魅族天气」、「每日一文」、「12306」、「途牛」、「快递100」、「快递」应用 Api。仅供学习,禁止商业使用,侵权请联系删除。

abu icon abu

阿布量化交易系统(股票,期权,期货,比特币,机器学习) 基于python的开源量化交易,量化投资架构

agentgpt icon agentgpt

🤖 Assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI Agents in your browser.

ai icon ai

Build AI-powered applications with React and Svelte

ai-chatbot icon ai-chatbot

A full-featured, hackable Next.js AI chatbot built by Vercel Labs

ai-town icon ai-town

A MIT-licensed, deployable starter kit for building and customizing your own version of AI town - a virtual town where AI characters live, chat and socialize.

aiassist icon aiassist


aichatweb icon aichatweb


aidea icon aidea

AIdea 是一款支持 GPT 以及国产大语言模型通义千问、文心一言等,支持 Stable Diffusion 文生图、图生图、 SDXL1.0、超分辨率、图片上色的全能型 APP。

aidea-server icon aidea-server

AIdea 是一款支持 GPT 以及国产大语言模型通义千问、文心一言等,支持 Stable Diffusion 文生图、图生图、 SDXL1.0、超分辨率、图片上色的全能型 APP。

aioquant icon aioquant

Asynchronous event I/O driven quantitative trading framework.

android-multi-camera icon android-multi-camera

Android Multi-Camera sample app with Camera2 API. Two physical cameras are simultaneously controlled with one virtual camera.

andserver icon andserver

:cherries: Web server and web framework of Android platform.

anyhouse icon anyhouse

高仿 ClubHouse,语音直播、语聊房、高音质、极速上麦,开源 ClubHouse,实现了Clubhouse的上麦,下麦,邀请,语音音量提示等功能。

api icon api

Documentation and Samples for the Official HN API

argox icon argox

Argo Xray for VPS one-click script. 一键脚本

audiocraft icon audiocraft

Audiocraft is a library for audio processing and generation with deep learning. It features the state-of-the-art EnCodec audio compressor / tokenizer, along with MusicGen, a simple and controllable music generation LM with textual and melodic conditioning.

audiogpt icon audiogpt

AudioGPT: Understanding and Generating Speech, Music, Sound, and Talking Head

auto-gpt icon auto-gpt

An experimental open-source attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous.

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