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Jordan West's Projects

2d-shadows-video icon 2d-shadows-video

Source code for tutorial on creating 2d shadows in webgl. Video:

adidoks icon adidoks

AdiDoks is a mordern documentation theme, which is a port of the Hugo theme Doks for Zola.

arp-inspector icon arp-inspector

Simple web interface for discovering IP addresses on the local network

bean-stack icon bean-stack

Bookshelf, Express, Angular, Node JS stack for those who like their relational databases

bookshelf icon bookshelf

A Node.js ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite3 in the style of Backbone.js

cavernos icon cavernos

Retro fantasy terminal for building DOS-era ASCII games, powered by WebAssembly

enzyme icon enzyme

JavaScript Testing utilities for React

fable.reflux icon fable.reflux

Redux inspired state management for Fable (F#) with built-in side-effect handling

go-jedict icon go-jedict

JEDICT (Japanese-English dictionary) lookup for Golang

ipqr icon ipqr

Displays a QR code containing a URL to your machine in the terminal

kokoro2d icon kokoro2d

Ultra minimal sprite rendering library for the web

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