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Joshen Lim's Projects

crisis-management-system icon crisis-management-system

CZ3003 Software Systems Analysis and Design: Implementation of a Crisis Management System. Based of the React-Starter-Kit by kriasoft

cz1003-telegram-transport-chatbot icon cz1003-telegram-transport-chatbot

CZ1003 Introduction to Computational Thinking: A telegram bot which pulls the various rates from multiple taxi companies in Singapore (Deprecated)

cz2002-assignment icon cz2002-assignment

CZ2002 Object Oriented Programming and Design: Student Course Registration and Mark Entry Application written in Java to demonstrate Design Principles and OO concepts

cz2007-lab5 icon cz2007-lab5

CZ2007 Introduction to Databases: MSSQL Scripts to emulate the RDBMS of an E-Commerce Company

fyvent icon fyvent

CZ2006 Software Engineering: Find events happening around Singapore - Built with Flutter

github-org-tracker icon github-org-tracker

A monitoring dashboard that tracks various stats across all repositories on an organization. At the moment it only tracks issue counts.

live-text-recognition icon live-text-recognition

A live camera feed demonstration of text detection and recognition employed in a pipeline for scene text recognition, built as part of my Final Year Project at Nanyang Technological University.

mdp-g14-rpi icon mdp-g14-rpi

Raspberry Pi Codebase for CZ3004 MDP - Comprises of 2 main functionalites: Multithreaded Communication and Image Recognition

meme-maker icon meme-maker

Meme Maker for Supabase's Hackathon. Built with Supabase, Tailwind, Next.JS

supabase-mog icon supabase-mog

Simple multiplayer online game built with Vue and Supabase

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