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Joshua Comeau's Projects

2048 icon 2048

A clone of the popular 2048 game, in Angular.js

achievetutoring icon achievetutoring

A quick, dirty prototype of a tutoring app. Will be rebuilt from scratch, this is just a demo.

angular-phonecat icon angular-phonecat

A copy of the official Angular tutorial. Created my own repo so I could track changes and not rely on their preset commits.

aracari icon aracari

A simple-as-possible budgeting web app. Because I suck at budgeting.

art icon art

Generative art experiments

baseballtracker icon baseballtracker

A 1-hour project to fetch results from a baseball API. Built in Rails and Angular.

bday_card icon bday_card

Don't mind me. An e-card made for a friend.

blog icon blog

OLD VERSION of the blog. Kept for historical purposes. icon

An Angular/Rails Mixcloud derivative. A place for DJs to share their work and EDM enthusiasts to find great music.

blueberrymix icon blueberrymix

My first shot at my Mixcloud-ish site. Restarted, but keeping this one for now for reference.

colourmatch icon colourmatch

Search by Colour. Find photos with matching palettes.

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