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jquesada2016's Projects

atsamd icon atsamd

Target atsamd microcontrollers using Rust

cap4613 icon cap4613

Repo for storing Intro to Deep Learning web app files.

fecr icon fecr

Modulo de comprobantes electrónicos para el API del Ministerio de Hacienda de Costa Rica versión 4.3

frappe-tea icon frappe-tea

Rust WASM front-end framework using the Elm Architecture, no VDOM, insanely fast, and extensively testable

leptos icon leptos

Build fast web applications with Rust.

leptos-tea icon leptos-tea

The Elm Architecture state management for leptos.

leptos-tui icon leptos-tui

Declarative and reactive terminal UI library for Rust

quadratic icon quadratic

Quadratic | Data Science Spreadsheet with Python & SQL

rxrust icon rxrust

Rust implementation of Reactive Extensions.

sauron icon sauron

A versatile web framework and library for building client-side and server-side web applications

sycamore icon sycamore

A reactive library for creating web apps in Rust and WebAssembly

tauri icon tauri

Build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend.

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