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Jakob Schröter's Projects

gdoor icon gdoor

Wifi adapter and bus protocol documentation for the Gira TKS Door System

hdm-webperformance icon hdm-webperformance

Static web page with some typical performance issues. A exercise for students of my lecture Rich Media Systems at Stuttgart Media University is to find these issues and improve the loading experience for the users.

livephotoslideshow icon livephotoslideshow

Simplistic node.js app which shows images in a specified folder as a slideshow - with the special feature of instantly showing added files on all clients since they get notified via WebSocket connection. Useful e.g. for setting up a live photo wall of a photo booth.

media-library-to-heic-hevc icon media-library-to-heic-hevc

Converts a media library with images and videos into more efficient formats without noticable quality loss nor loosing meta data.

photovoltaic-roadmap icon photovoltaic-roadmap

Displays a chart with installed and needed solar power from 2020 to 2030 for a german municipality. Live data from Marktstammdatenregister.

rukzuk icon rukzuk

rukzuk combines code-free visual webdesign, content management and easy publishing. Create individual websites faster and more efficient than ever. icon

📄 The official documentation site for Vue.js.

workflow icon workflow

Testing out things with storm-react-diagrams

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