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Justin Beckwith's Projects

appharbordemo icon appharbordemo

This is a demo of using the PaaS components of

appstart icon appstart

Tool for running a GAE MVM emulation environment.

aspnet_vnext_samples icon aspnet_vnext_samples

Seed projects for the Yeoman generator for ASP.NET. File any issues at

awwbotcf icon awwbotcf

An example of a Discord Bot using Cloudflare Workers.

axios icon axios

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

azure-content icon azure-content

Repository containing the Articles on Develop and Manage Centers

better-sqlite3-helper icon better-sqlite3-helper

A wrapper library that eases the work with better-sqlite3 with some new functions and a migration-system

big.js icon big.js

A small, fast JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic.

bisquick icon bisquick

🥞Synchronize your GitHub issues with BigQuery. Do neat stuff.

bolt icon bolt

Bolt Compiler (Firebase Security and Modeling)

call-matcher icon call-matcher

ECMAScript CallExpression matcher made from function/method signature

cherry icon cherry

This is an example application used at GCP Next 17

cloud-bigtable-examples icon cloud-bigtable-examples

Examples of how to use Cloud Bigtable both with GCE map/reduce as well as stand alone applications.

cloud-functions-emulator icon cloud-functions-emulator

A local emulator for Google Cloud Functions that allows you to deploy, run, and debug your Cloud Functions on your local machine before deploying them to the production Google Cloud Functions service.

cloud-visionator icon cloud-visionator

A little experiment with Ruby, Sinatra, and the Google Cloud Vision API

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