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Kern Jackson's Projects

3dcubes icon 3dcubes

Merged code from two tutorials to get multiple spinning cubes in a GLKit View

analytics-reporter icon analytics-reporter

Lightweight analytics reporting and publishing tool for Google Analytics data. Powers,, and more.

application icon application

Fork this repository to your account and provide the url

blackdoc icon blackdoc

A two-column Jekyll theme for websites that require a master-detail layout for viewing of content

dotfiles icon dotfiles

A set of vim, zsh, git, and tmux configuration files.

farkled icon farkled

An iOS implementation of single player farkle.

glsl-shaders icon glsl-shaders

This repo is for glsl shaders converted by hand from libretro's common-shaders repo, since some don't play nicely with the cg2glsl script.

homebrew-cask icon homebrew-cask

a friendly homebrew-style CLI workflow for the administration of Mac applications distributed as binaries

jamesbond icon jamesbond

The Swift Bond demo in a different project file

karvonen icon karvonen

Karvonen module which recurses over a list of lists (test_heart_data).

open-budget icon open-budget

An interactive visualization of the City of Philadelphia's FY 2016 proposed Operating Budget

openbudgetokc icon openbudgetokc

Visualizations of OKC's budget data, and explanations about the budget process.

opengovernment icon opengovernment

OpenGovernment -- a project of the Participatory Politics Foundation

pulley icon pulley

A library to imitate the iOS 10 Maps UI.

scnbook-code icon scnbook-code

The sample code for the different chapters in "3D Graphics with Scene Kit" (which I call "SCNBook" as a joke)

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