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Kodiak Firesmith's Projects

ddns-updater icon ddns-updater

Python3 Dynamic DNS record update service. Initial support focused on Google Dynamic DNS.

find_duplicate_files icon find_duplicate_files

A simple python script that prints checksum and paths of duplicate files, as they are found while examining a folder structure.

firefly icon firefly

Firefly is a mobile wallet for Stellar ecosystem

go icon go

Stellar's public monorepo of go code

graphite-api-docker icon graphite-api-docker

A container for graphite-api since both graphite-api and graphite-web are broken on Ubuntu 20.04 :/

internet_hud icon internet_hud

Heads-up display of the crap I incessantly check online

iometrics icon iometrics

Collect IO metrics for collection via Telegraf/InfluxDB

openafs-rpms icon openafs-rpms

Various rpm sources for openafs network filesystem on fedora and RHEL

patchmetrics icon patchmetrics

Collect and ship OS outstanding package metrics to InfluxDB via Telegraf - RHEL and Debian variants

public_notes icon public_notes

All of my (public) technical notes in Github markdown format.

pulp_utils icon pulp_utils

Helpful utilities for the Pulp project. Mostly for those using Pulp on it's own but some things may work with Katello.

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