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Kate Higa's Projects

axe-core-gems icon axe-core-gems

Ruby integration for axe-core, the accessibility testing engine

casa icon casa

Volunteer management system for nonprofit CASA, which serves foster youth in counties across America.

daily-update-action icon daily-update-action

GitHub Action that takes any Daily Update discussion and posts about it in your Slack channel

generalized-anxiety-disorder icon generalized-anxiety-disorder

With this project, I aim to raise awareness of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and various mental health resources around the UC Berkeley campus.

github-a11y icon github-a11y

Browser extension that encourages accessibility awareness while using GitHub

link-checker icon link-checker

Bookmarklet to allow easier assessment of link text accessibility

lookbook icon lookbook

A tool to help browse, develop, test & document ViewComponents in Ruby on Rails apps 🛠

markdownlint icon markdownlint

A Node.js style checker and lint tool for Markdown/CommonMark files.

markdownlint-cli2 icon markdownlint-cli2

A fast, flexible, configuration-based command-line interface for linting Markdown/CommonMark files with the markdownlint library

mermaid icon mermaid

Generation of diagram and flowchart from text in a similar manner as markdown

storybook icon storybook

Storybook is a frontend workshop for building UI components and pages in isolation. Made for UI development, testing, and documentation.

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