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Kosta's Projects

axios icon axios

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

babylon icon babylon

:page_with_curl: A JavaScript parser

catch icon catch

C++ AutomatedTest Cases in Headers

dockerode icon dockerode

Not just another Docker Remote API node.js module

eesec-hacks icon eesec-hacks

A collection of simple `NodeJS` based services to communicate with an `EESec` via `iOS Siri`.

fitnesse-cppslim icon fitnesse-cppslim

Header-only library for implementing FitNesse SLiM test fixtures in C++

fitnesse-p4 icon fitnesse-p4

FitNesse plugin for connecting the Wiki with a Perforce repository.

graphiql icon graphiql

An in-browser IDE for exploring GraphQL.

hap-nodejs icon hap-nodejs

Node.js implementation of HomeKit Accessory Server.

http-cpp icon http-cpp

Provide a simple and portable interface to do HTTP requests in C++.

istanbuljs icon istanbuljs

monorepo containing the various nuts and bolts that facilitate istanbul.js test instrumentation

jsuck icon jsuck

Streaming (optionally) newline/whitespace delimited JSON parser

lest icon lest

lest errors escape testing

logspout-logstash icon logspout-logstash

A minimalistic adapter for to write to Logstash UDP

marathon icon marathon

Deploy and manage containers (including Docker) on top of Apache Mesos at scale.

marathon-ui icon marathon-ui

The web-ui for Marathon (

material-ui icon material-ui

React Components that Implement Google's Material Design.

mirror-cpp icon mirror-cpp

Provide some reflection-like capabilities in C++.

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