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laplacekorea's Projects

2020_clustering icon 2020_clustering

Clustering algorithm to improve the retrieval of offshore-onshore correlation functions (Viens and Iwata, 2020, JGR)

aat icon aat

Asynchronous, event-driven algorithmic trading in Python and C++

aavegotchi-contracts icon aavegotchi-contracts

Aavegotchi diamond and its facets, deployment and upgrades. See the docs:

abc icon abc

ABC: System for Sequential Logic Synthesis and Formal Verification

aboleth icon aboleth

A bare-bones TensorFlow framework for Bayesian deep learning and Gaussian process approximation

acmcode icon acmcode

repo for codes in algorithm competitions and OJ

acqdp icon acqdp

Alibaba Cloud - Quantum Development Platform

acsc icon acsc

Automatic Calibration for Non-repetitive Scanning Solid-State LiDAR and Camera Systems

adapet icon adapet

[EMNLP 2021] Improving and Simplifying Pattern Exploiting Training

adekf icon adekf

Automatic Differentiated Extended Kalman Filter (ADEKF) - This is a generic EKF Implementation that uses automatic differentiation to get rid of the need to define Jacobians.

afl-rb icon afl-rb

FairFuzz: AFL extension targeting rare branches

agda icon agda

Agda formalisation of the Introduction to Homotopy Type Theory

agda-calf icon agda-calf

A cost-aware logical framework, embedded in Agda.

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