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accessor icon accessor

Simple alalyzer for apache2 access logs.

barnyard2 icon barnyard2

Barnyard2 is a dedicated spooler for Snort's unified2 binary output format.

ga3c icon ga3c

Hybrid CPU/GPU implementation of the A3C algorithm for deep reinforcement learning.

gym icon gym

A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms.

jii icon jii

Javascript variables and object converter for Yii

joblib icon joblib

Python function as pipeline jobs.

kombu icon kombu

Messaging library for Python.

mongokit icon mongokit

MongoKit framework try to keep its simplicity when you manage mongodb in python. MongoKit was developed to be fast and light with KISS and DRY in mind. MongoKit brings structured schema and validation layer on top of the great pymongo driver. Discuss with us on Google group : or follow the news on Twitter:

pyshop icon pyshop

A Private PyPI server written in pyramid

qoala icon qoala

Qoala - game server for jeopardy CTF

russian_workdays icon russian_workdays

Производственный календарь по версии

setuptools icon setuptools

Official project repository for the Setuptools build system

srbac icon srbac

Version of SRBAC ( with support of groups

stups2go icon stups2go

A Go Continuous Delivery service based on the STUPS infrastructure

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