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Luca G. Soave's Projects

7ty icon 7ty

Static Site Generator for Svelte

a17t icon a17t

An atomic design toolkit for pragmatists

aave-flash-loan-tutorial icon aave-flash-loan-tutorial

Create an Aave Flash Loan arbitrage smart contract from scratch in this comprehensive flash loan tutorial.

aave-flashloan-mix icon aave-flashloan-mix

A Brownie mix containing all you need to get started with developing flash loans

aave-flashloan-using-solidity icon aave-flashloan-using-solidity

This contains all the code to execute a successful flash-loan on the Kovan test-net of Ethereum. Flash-loan will be taken from the aave lending pool where will will take 1 DAI as a flash-loan, please keep in mind that you can take very huge flash-loans but make sure you have topped-up enough DAI in to your smart contract i.e. in this instance to pay back to the aave lending protocol as the fees and interest generated over this complex transaction.

aave-v3-core icon aave-v3-core

This repository contains the core smart contracts of the Aave V3 protocol.

aaveflashloan icon aaveflashloan

1st Place 🏆 in the Gitcoin Web3 World Aave Hackathon. A bot that does arbitrage between two Uniswap exchanges using an Aave Flashloan as the capital for initial trade. Got a nice write up from the Aave team -

aesto icon aesto

Free Ghost theme with membership support. Minimal content focused design with multi author supported.

agoric-sdk icon agoric-sdk

monorepo for the Agoric Javascript smart contract platform

akash icon akash

a secure, transparent, and peer-to-peer cloud computing network

aleph-node icon aleph-node

Node implementation for aleph blockchain built with Substrate framework

alpine icon alpine

A rugged, minimal framework for composing JavaScript behavior in your markup.

amplify-js icon amplify-js

A declarative JavaScript library for application development using cloud services.

analytics icon analytics

Simple and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics

analyzing_medium icon analyzing_medium

The Selenium scraper used to collect data from one million Medium articles.

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