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Phil Wang's Projects

adamod icon adamod

Adaptive and Momental Bounds for Adaptive Learning Rate Methods.

adan-pytorch icon adan-pytorch

Implementation of the Adan (ADAptive Nesterov momentum algorithm) Optimizer in Pytorch

alphafold2 icon alphafold2

To eventually become an unofficial Pytorch implementation / replication of Alphafold2, as details of the architecture get released

ananse icon ananse

Prediction of key transcription factors in cell fate determination using enhancer networks. See full ANANSE documentation for detailed installation instructions and usage examples.

aoa-pytorch icon aoa-pytorch

A Pytorch implementation of Attention on Attention module (both self and guided variants), for Visual Question Answering

attention icon attention

This repository will house a visualization that will attempt to convey instant enlightenment of how Attention works to someone not working in artificial intelligence, with 3Blue1Brown as inspiration

audiolm-pytorch icon audiolm-pytorch

Implementation of AudioLM, a SOTA Language Modeling Approach to Audio Generation out of Google Research, in Pytorch

axial-attention icon axial-attention

Implementation of Axial attention - attending to multi-dimensional data efficiently

big-sleep icon big-sleep

A simple command line tool for text to image generation, using OpenAI's CLIP and a BigGAN. Technique was originally created by

bit-diffusion icon bit-diffusion

Implementation of Bit Diffusion, Hinton's group's attempt at discrete denoising diffusion, in Pytorch

bolt icon bolt

10x faster matrix and vector operations

bonito icon bonito

A PyTorch Basecaller for Oxford Nanopore Reads

bs-roformer icon bs-roformer

Implementation of Band Split Roformer, SOTA Attention network for music source separation out of ByteDance AI Labs

byol-pytorch icon byol-pytorch

Usable Implementation of "Bootstrap Your Own Latent" self-supervised learning, from Deepmind, in Pytorch

chroma-pytorch icon chroma-pytorch

Implementation of Chroma, generative models of protein using DDPM and GNNs, in Pytorch

clap icon clap

Contrastive Language-Audio Pretraining

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