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Hey, what's up? Hola!

Welcome to my place! :D

I'm a software developer, a.k.a. a person who loves writing code, but also wears many more hats than just the tech one: I frequently have to interact and contribute onto the Business and Sales side of the story, being able to navigate in between the two worlds.

My "mission in my professional life" is to "leverage the latest technologies and best practices to deliver high-quality, scalable, and secure software products that enable our clients to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve safety". Phew!

Some of the products and solutions I have developed in the past include FictionCity, a social network platform and framework, and Novus, a cloud-based platform for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), Security and Automation.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and insights as a mentor, advisor, and conference speaker. Sometimes I like creating small projects/tools to demonstrate the use of new technology.

I am passionate about learning new skills, exploring new challenges, and collaborating with talented teams. I love spending time with people smarter than me!

During my free time, I enjoy rollerblading, when I'm inspired, drawing, when I get the chance, photograpy, and always, love spending time with my girlfriend and son.

What am I doing lately?

  • Working on the improvement of Twenty20's Novus platform, and other projects within the company that I cannot talk about right now ;)
  • Started an Executive Master in Software Engineering at University of Dallas, Texas, so far it's great!
  • Playing Destiny 2! Have more than 4,000 hours on it. I know, right?
  • Trying to rollerblade more

My latest interests/research?

  • Always wanted to get into game development, so, slowly working on walking the path... Actually, crawling the path.
  • AI is all around, so learing about it, little by little, mostly on the Computer Vision side of it, but digging into how can I apply Generative AI into my company.

Ask me about...

  • Programming in general
  • Best practices
  • Implementation opinions

I'm always willing to help and if its within my posibilities and knowledge, I'm more than welcome.

How to reach me?

The best way is my email which is the same as my profile name here at

Fun facts😄

My right hand is way bigger than my left one. Like, for real.

Luis Lobo Borobia's Projects

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