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Lincoln W Daniel's Projects

csc-365 icon csc-365

Doug Lea's Data Structures and File Processing Course (CSC 365)

csc-445 icon csc-445

Doug Lea's Computer Networking Course (CSC 445) - Assignment 3: Distributed Systems

csc375_parallel_programming icon csc375_parallel_programming

Course description by Doug Lea: "Parallel computing was once confined to the use of specially crafted parallel computers. However, increasingly, the two essential ingredients of parallelism -- programming constructs that deal with logically parallel activities, and communication across physically separate computers, are available just about everywhere. This course will mainly focus on concepts, theory, design, and implementation of concurrent and distributed software that can be employed across a variety of platforms (in particular, using Java). However, we will also discuss some classic parallel algorithms that apply only to special parallel computers."

csc445-distributed-databases icon csc445-distributed-databases

My group was tasked by Doug Lea with implementing a distributed databases system. We chose to do realtime photo sharing. In order to implement consensus, we implemented the Raft algorithm

draft-js-plugins icon draft-js-plugins

React Plugin Architecture for Draft.js including Slack-Like Emojis, FB-Like Mentions and Stickers

emoji.css icon emoji.css

😋 Your website. ⚡️Emojified. 🎉 Like FontAwesome for emojis. 🚀

exclude-folders icon exclude-folders

Brackets extension for excluding folders from the file tree, find in files, and quick open.

in-parallel icon in-parallel

A node module for running async tasks on an array and finishing together to run a final function.

jsdoc-rest-api icon jsdoc-rest-api

This library can generate a map of your REST API endpoints from your JsDoc and use that map to automatically hook up your endpoints to your ExpressJs app when starting your REST API web server.

node-metainspector icon node-metainspector

Node npm for web scraping purposes. It scrapes a given URL, and returns you its title, meta description, meta keywords, an array with all the links, all the images in it, etc. Inspired by the metainspector Ruby gem

react-next-internal-link icon react-next-internal-link

A helper component to easily create internal, relative links from absolute urls in your NextJS React apps.

react-page icon react-page

Next-gen, highly customizable content editor for the browser - based on React and Redux and written in TypeScript. WYSIWYG on steroids.

sectioned-list icon sectioned-list

A list of arrays with predefined max lengths. Add to the list and items flow into sections.

smedian-pages icon smedian-pages

A new kind of webpage builder for writers and publications. Build a portfolio that understands you and knows your visitors in minutes, not days.

tabber icon tabber

A library of mongodb helper functions to make manipulating your db and its collections better (er).

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