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Yellowh, I'm Lakshan 👋😃

Welcome to my GitHub profile. I'm a self-thought Programmer & currently an undergraduate at UOC-Sri Lanka. I'd spared my free time to learn something new related to Web Development or Software Engineering. Besides that, I generally focused on developing my Web or Application Development skills primarily based on GUI or UI Designs.

🎢 My Progress

  • 🔭 Additionally, I'm focusing on doing the Back-End development for my designs.

  • 🌱Also, I’m still learning  ,  ,  ,  ,  + MVC-Approach for web development.

  • 👯 I look forward to ...
    - Create more JS, React-Native, JAVA applications
    - Follow UI-UX inspirations
    - Follow problem-solving on OOP basis

  • Since I'm still being a newbie to the industry 🤔 I’m seeking help for my JAVA & React software developments. I appreciate it if you are willing to collaborate with me.

🗃️ Recent Projects

About Me

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Lakshan's Projects

diwe-project icon diwe-project

I've created an iframe for a form in a webpage, the IMG upload isn't previewing inside my iframe mode but it's okay with the ordinary web page. Why ?

freecodecamp_js_dsa_f_prj-cashregister icon freecodecamp_js_dsa_f_prj-cashregister

a simple JS script based on a 'cash register drawer function' that accepts purchase price as the first argument (price), payment as the second argument (cash), and cash-in-drawer (cid) as the third argument.

html-form-selection-with-php icon html-form-selection-with-php

I've created a form selection area that retrieves data from DB through a while loop. In a previous time I set this selection options to be selected according to retrieved data but when I used the regular method on this while-loop-selection it does not give me an output, or an error. I want to make this to output the data as a regular selection that connected to a DB.

toggle-menu-test icon toggle-menu-test

in my project I've created a toggle menu but this toggling only works for the first selected HTML element, How to fix this error? any reply would be helpful. Tnx!

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