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Mark Erikson's Projects

academy icon academy

Skills, style guides, and tutorials for work at Plotly

buckrogers icon buckrogers

A computer conversion of the Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century board game

cesium icon cesium

WebGL virtual globe and map engine

cesium-gwt icon cesium-gwt

GWT wrappers around some of the Cesium JS library

cesium-react-webpack-demo icon cesium-react-webpack-demo

A sample app to demonstrate using Cesium with React and Webpack, accompanying the blog series at

cesium-terrain-builder icon cesium-terrain-builder

A C++ library and associated command line tools designed to create terrain tiles for use in the Cesium JavaScript library

chameleon1 icon chameleon1

Senior project: a C++ IDE designed for beginning students

chameleon2 icon chameleon2

A C# rewrite of the original Chameleon C++ IDE for beginners

czml-writer icon czml-writer

A library for writing CZML content for use with Cesium

gdal2mbtiles icon gdal2mbtiles

Converts a GDAL-readable dataset into an MBTiles file. This is used to generate web maps.

immer icon immer

Create the next immutable state by mutating the current one icon

Dedicated to JavaScript and its awesome community since 2015

magellan icon magellan

JavaScript Latitude and Longitude Validation and Formatting

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