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2016markconsume icon 2016markconsume

C++ standards committee paper on marking schemes for dependency chains (e.g., for RCU)

360-capture-sdk icon 360-capture-sdk

A developer focused sample SDK that allows game and virtual Reality devs to be able to easily and quickly integrate 360 photo/video capture capability into their game apps.

a11ycasts icon a11ycasts

Code samples from the A11ycasts YouTube series

access icon access

Personal notes to help me remember wcag advice.

alreq icon alreq

Arabic Layout Requirements document

ancestry icon ancestry

Content management for family history (in development).

app-charuse icon app-charuse

Find languages that use a given non-ASCII character, or find characters used by a particular language.

app-keyevents icon app-keyevents

Shows assignments to KeyboardEvent as keys are pressed and released.

app-subtags icon app-subtags

BCP 47 language tags are built from subtags in the IANA Subtag Registry. This tool helps you find or look up subtags and check for errors in language tags.

areyoubeingserved icon areyoubeingserved

Are you being served? Wait for runtime dependencies when using docker-compose

b2g icon b2g

Boot to Gecko aims to create a complete, standalone operating system for the open web.

babi-tasks icon babi-tasks

Task generation for testing text understanding and reasoning

bistro icon bistro

Bistro is a flexible distributed scheduler, a high-performance framework supporting multiple paradigms while retaining ease of configuration, management, and monitoring.

blog icon blog

The blog contents of

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