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mayank satnalika's Projects

g4h-talk icon g4h-talk

Simplified code for eyeballer-project for G4H Hands-on Talk for Machine Learning

imdb icon imdb

python web scraper to find details of movie

ipython icon ipython

ipython notebooks for machine learning, code behind work at the blog

jee_res icon jee_res

Script to find date-of-birth of registration number for Jee-Mains-2015 Score

pypsql icon pypsql

A wrapper around psycopg2 to get a PyMongo(esqe) interface for postgresql.

rake-tutorial icon rake-tutorial

A python implementation of the Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction

scorepopup icon scorepopup

View live cricket match score details by extracting data from yahoo cricket.

yolow-keras icon yolow-keras

YOLOv2 Object Detection w/ Keras (in just 20 lines of code)

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