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Matt DuVall's Projects

ag.el icon ag.el

An Emacs frontend to ag, ("the silver searcher" ack replacment)

arcanist icon arcanist

Mirror of arcanist repository for other engine/workflow purposes.

ast-types icon ast-types

Esprima-compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API

casperjs icon casperjs

Navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS and SlimerJS

courts icon courts

Query CA county courthouses easily

csscss icon csscss

A CSS redundancy analyzer that analyzes redundancy.

cuteifier icon cuteifier

Code beautifier toolchain with escodegen and esprima

ember.js icon ember.js

Ember.js - A JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications

escope icon escope

Escope: ECMAScript scope analyzer

eslint icon eslint

A tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript.

esnext icon esnext

Transform next-generation JavaScript to today's JavaScript.

esprima icon esprima

ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis

flatland icon flatland

Flatland is a simple theme and accompanying color scheme for Sublime Text 2.

fsnotify2 icon fsnotify2

File system notification based on fsnotify library

gin icon gin

Live reload utility for Go web servers

gitit icon gitit

A wiki using HAppS, pandoc, and git

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