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Eric Mellino's Projects

apitools icon apitools

Repo for some of the tools used in the corefx build, like GenFacades and ApiCompat

assimp-net icon assimp-net

Automatically exported from

avalonia icon avalonia

A multi-platform .NET UI framework (formerly known as Perspex)

bepuphysics1 icon bepuphysics1

Pure C# 3D real time physics simulation library. Repo contains only the 1.X.X versions.

bootstrap icon bootstrap

Helper script for bootstrapping .NET Core on new platforms

boxgame icon boxgame

A prototype game engine and small sample game using OpenTK and BEPU Physics, running atop CoreCLR.

buildtools icon buildtools

Build tools that are necessary for building the .NET Core projects

cimgui icon cimgui

c-api for imgui (

cli icon cli

This repo contains the .NET Core command-line (CLI) tools, used for building .NET Core apps and libraries through your development flow (compiling, NuGet package management, running, testing, ...).

core-setup icon core-setup

Installer packages for the .NET Core runtime and libraries

corebuild icon corebuild

A minimal configuration for creating a .NET Core console application using a regular MSBuild csproj

coreclr icon coreclr

This repo contains the .NET Core runtime, called CoreCLR, and the base library, called mscorlib. It includes the garbage collector, JIT compiler, base .NET data types and many low-level classes.

corefx icon corefx

This repository contains the foundational libraries that make up the .NET Core development stack.

corefx-testdata icon corefx-testdata

Test assets that are required by the corefx repository, and referenced as nuget packages.

corefxlab icon corefxlab

This repo is for experimentation and exploring new ideas that may or may not make it into the main corefx repo.

corert icon corert

This repo contains CoreRT, a .NET Core runtime optimized for AOT (ahead of time compilation) scenarios, with the accompanying .NET Native compiler toolchain.

coretemplate icon coretemplate

A simple template for building .NET Core libraries and applications using MSBuild

crazycore icon crazycore

Repository containing the game assets and code for Crazy Core

discoverdotnet icon discoverdotnet

A web site that helps you discover awesome .NET open source and community resources

dota2-api-viewer icon dota2-api-viewer

A very primitive console application for querying some of the Dota 2 Web APIs.

dotnet-ci icon dotnet-ci

Repository containing scripting for the dotnet-ci Jenkins instance.

ecs icon ecs

Trying out an experimental ECS with real ECS principles

facadeporter icon facadeporter

A helper tool for generating the facade projects from our TFS source.

ge icon ge

A general-purpose 3D game engine with editor, built with .NET Core

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