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-luyishisi_anti-anti-spider icon -luyishisi_anti-anti-spider


19wu icon 19wu

19屋 - 专注于技术社区的活动平台, Based on Rails and AngularJS icon

Repo for counting stars and contributing. Press F to pay respect to glorious developers.

ace icon ace Cloud9 Editor

ags icon ags

AngularJS + Golang + Sqlite, demo

aiyaeffectsandroid icon aiyaeffectsandroid

宝宝特效 SDK Android Demo,支持美颜,3D特效,3D动画特效,2D特效等,免费使用。visual effects IOS demo, support 3D effect, 3D Animation, 2D effect for FREE

algs4 icon algs4

Algorithms, 4th edition textbook code and libraries

alice icon alice

AliceJS - (A Lightweight Independent CSS Engine) is a micro JavaScript library. For a demo, click the link below.

android-architecture-components icon android-architecture-components

The template project that uses Android Architecture Components with Repository pattern. The simple app that uses awesome Fuel library instead of Retrofit for perfoming HTTP request. The app also persists data using the Room library and display data in RecyclerView.

android-bloc-1 icon android-bloc-1

An implementation of the BLoC (Business Logic Component) pattern for Android apps.

android-ffmpeg-x264 icon android-ffmpeg-x264

INACTIVE, UNSUPPORTED - Android Videokit - basic FFMPEG+X264 build for Android. Pull requests gratefully accepted.

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