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👋 Hi there! I'm Michele

  • 👨‍💻 I'm working as a CTO at OramaSearch
  • 🏅 I'm a Google GDE and Microsoft MVP
  • 📢 I gave more than 50 conference talks in 2022 (full list here)
  • 🏳️‍🌈 He/Him

Michele Riva's Projects

aika icon aika

⛈ In-memory key-value multithreaded database

aquarium icon aquarium

A minimalistic blockchain implementation

c-vs-ts-wasm icon c-vs-ts-wasm

👽Simple repo I made for myself just to test some WebAssembly compilers.

cadregalisp icon cadregalisp

🍎 Just another useless programming language, but with inganno.

coronablocker icon coronablocker

🦠 Chrome extension to block any news about Covid-19 on social networks.

dat-theme icon dat-theme

🔥 "Day After Tomorrow" Theme for Sublime Text 3

fastify-dx icon fastify-dx

A Full Stack Framework based on Fastify and Vite. Built for great developer experience without compromising on performance and stability.

formatjs icon formatjs

The monorepo home to all of the FormatJS related libraries, most notably react-intl.

gauguin icon gauguin

🎨 High performances Golang server for generating social share images dynamically (beta).

gosearch icon gosearch

In-memory, full-text search engine built in Go. For no particular reason.

h99 icon h99

99 Haskell Problems (solved)!

jeuler icon jeuler

👌A list of Project Euler problems solved in ES6

kek icon kek

🗣A supercazzola generator highly inspired by Polygen

krabs icon krabs

🦀 Express.js/Fastify middleware and virtual host for multi-tenant Next.js applications

mjn icon mjn

⚡️Like loadash.get, but in ~200 bytes

multitenant-nextjs icon multitenant-nextjs

a test repository for testing Next.js' multi-tenant capabilities with a custom Express.js server

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