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Mikal's Projects

.tmux icon .tmux

Putting love into my Tmux configuration

2sshfp icon 2sshfp

Build SSHFP DNS records - ecdsa & ed25519 support

3proxy icon 3proxy

3proxy - tiny free proxy server

9p-rfc icon 9p-rfc

RFC and standards documents relating the 9P protocol (and its extensions and applications)

absd-build icon absd-build

System to compile package from pacman source tarballs in a clean chroot; with support for using a ZFS snapshots as base

accrete.js icon accrete.js

Planetary system formation simulation in your browser, or on the server.

actor-- icon actor--

A header-only C++11 type-safe actor model threading library

actorjs icon actorjs

Full-fledged actor model in javascript

add_he icon add_he

additive homomorphic encryption demo using lifted ElGamal encryption

adminlte icon adminlte

AdminLTE - Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme Based On Bootstrap 3.x

adnauseam icon adnauseam

AdNauseam: Fight back against advertising surveillance

adsuck icon adsuck

A small DNS server, used primarily for blocking malicious sites and ads.

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