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BasicCalculator photo BasicCalculator

ios objective-c 使用栈实现数学表达式求值,完成计算器的基本四则运算(带括号) Using a stack to implement an arithmetic expression evaluation and basic four arithmetic operations (including parenthesis operation)

Calculator photo Calculator

ios objective-c 实现计算器的基本四则运算和高级运算 Implement basic four arithmetic and advanced operation

Calculator-1 photo Calculator-1


canvas-special photo canvas-special

:octocat::alien::star2:超多经典 canvas 实例,动态离子背景、移动炫彩小球、贪吃蛇、坦克大战、是男人就下100层、心形文字等等等

code photo code

Code for the book "Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects" by Packt Publishing 2012.

code_yunfei photo code_yunfei

《Java EE开发的颠覆者-Spring Boot实战》(图书作者:汪云飞 ISBN:9787121282089)源码集

CppPrimer photo CppPrimer

:books: Solutions for C++ Primer 5th exercises.

cutTest photo cutTest


drawline photo drawline


eyeLike photo eyeLike

A webcam based pupil tracking implementation.

flutter photo flutter

Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful mobile apps.

GPUImage photo GPUImage

源码级别对GPUImage进行剖析 以及 尝试

GPUImage-1 photo GPUImage-1

An open source iOS framework for GPU-based image and video processing

GPUImageFilters photo GPUImageFilters

基于 GPUImage 开发的几个 filter,分别实现了:九宫格效果、放大镜效果、画中画效果

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