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Brendan Dolan-Gavitt's Projects

aflplusplus icon aflplusplus

The fuzzer afl++ is afl with community patches, qemu 5.1 upgrade, collision-free coverage, enhanced laf-intel & redqueen, AFLfast++ power schedules, MOpt mutators, unicorn_mode, and a lot more!

bear icon bear

Bear is a tool that generates a compilation database for clang tooling.

bookp icon bookp

Quick'n'dirty script to download all you Kindle ebooks

cb-multios icon cb-multios

DARPA Challenges Sets for Linux, Windows, and macOS

cle icon cle

CLE Loads Everything (at least, many binary formats!)

codex_cli icon codex_cli

Script to hook OpenAI's Codex up to a Linux VM and try to execute commands

community3 icon community3

Volatility3 plugins developed and maintained by the community

creddump icon creddump

Automatically exported from

csrankings icon csrankings

A web app for ranking computer science departments according to their research output in selective venues.

debbuild icon debbuild

Tools and scripts for rebuilding all of Debian with bear (I should have used rebuilderd :p)

fbtools icon fbtools

Some python tools to hack on Fitbits

fpsmt_gpu icon fpsmt_gpu

Solving floating point SMT constraints on a GPU

func_asm_pairgen icon func_asm_pairgen

Horrifying scripts / infrastructure to extract info from a large amount of C/C++ code

gpt-neox icon gpt-neox

An implementation of model parallel autoregressive transformers on GPUs, based on the DeepSpeed library.

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