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Shmavon Gazanchyan's Projects

airberlin_lab_2016 icon airberlin_lab_2016

Official Support Repo with Docs, FAQs and Issues for Air Berlin Lab 2016 powered by

analytics.js icon analytics.js

The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any web application.

atmailopen icon atmailopen

Open Source (Apache License 2.0) version of the AtMail WebMail system

banks-db icon banks-db

Community driven database to get bank info (name, brand color etc.) by bankcard prefix (BIN)

cardinal icon cardinal

Cardinal is a small “mobile first” CSS framework, with useful default styles, fluid typography, and a responsive grid system.

carsafari icon carsafari

Application built during Startup Weekend Dublin 2015

cjdns-php-gui icon cjdns-php-gui

A nice GUI for editing cjdroute.conf - also horribly insecure

class2go icon class2go

Class2Go is the project codename for Stanford's internal platform for on-line courses.

codeshelver icon codeshelver

Codeshelver lets you clean up your GitHub watchlist by storing repositories you would like to remember on your shelf.

collabtive icon collabtive

Collabtive is web based project management software

crudify-mongoose icon crudify-mongoose

Simple generator to create RESTful url routes, render forms and handle Create, Read, Update and Delete requests for a given Mongoose model.

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