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1loc icon 1loc

What's your favorite JavaScript single LOC (line of code)?

amortized-queue icon amortized-queue

The same, pure, immatable, contant-time (amortized) queue implemetation over several languages.

arthemis icon arthemis

Simple API decoupled dependency injection

base icon base

Base project setup. TS, standart, prettier, eslint, parcel, mocha and fast-check. Batteries included.

chartify icon chartify

Python library that makes it easy for data scientists to create charts.

formik icon formik

Build forms in React, without the tears 😭

idle-comp icon idle-comp

IdleComp is a functor for sequencial non-blocking computation

irouter.js icon irouter.js

irouter.js a tiny, light-weight JavaScript page navigator

is-odd icon is-odd

Since JavaScript is incapable of having simple expressions free of edge cases.

klipse icon klipse

Klipse is a Javacript plugin for embedding interactive code snippets in tech blogs. A simple client-side code evaluator pluggable on any web page: clojure, ruby, javascript, python, scheme, es2017, jsx, brainfuck, c++, reagent, lua, ocaml, reasonml, prolog, common lisp

kratos-boilerplate icon kratos-boilerplate

:fire: A simple and fast boilerplate for static projects using Gulp, Pug, Stylus and PostCSS

pqnos icon pqnos

A flexible free ecommerce platform

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    JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight interpreted programming language with first-class functions.

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    A server is a program made to process requests and deliver data to clients.

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